torsdag 9 november 2017

They said it's my faith to protect our land.

Pictures from the latest music video/ short film, Black Wings!
A original song by Johanna about the game Skyrim!
It turned out so good, we are both so incredible proud of this one and
it would mean the word to us if you wanted to go check it out HERE and share it!
Don't forget to subscribe to her channel as we make videos for every Wednesday!
Thanks you and have a good week!

torsdag 2 november 2017

Zombie Portraits


 Last Saturday we had Run for your Lives here in my town! 
I was out with Jennie for hours watching and shooting everything, it was so much fun! 
I should not be this excited about zombies my dudes, but I am! 
Like a child at Christmas!

onsdag 18 oktober 2017

Undimmed by cloud or shade of night, there shone for ever fair and bright.

Pictures from THIS video, a cover of The Song of Durin, that we recorded a few weeks ago!
It was so much fun and everything looks so amazing!
Johanna's voice suits so well with these kinda of songs! 
Please check it out!

Tale of the Tongues

Pictures from Johanna's cover of  Tale of the Tongues from the game Skyrim!
Check it out HERE!
Please support her channel!

söndag 1 oktober 2017

From the birth of the universe

Pictures from the video recordings! 


DNA Cover by Johanna Renman

Look we are back at it again!! So excisted!
Here is our first video after our 3 years long break because of distance!
Finally we can get back to do what we love!

This is a cover of BTS song DNA
Johanna has translated it and made a beautifu version of it!
It's filmed by me!
Piano is played by her brother Tobias Renman!

Please watch, like and subscribe to her,
from now on we are gonna start uploading videos every Wendsday!!


onsdag 30 augusti 2017



Pride this saturday was amazing, and I finally got to spend time with my favourit people! 
Proud of who we all are!


tisdag 22 augusti 2017

An unbreakable connection.

Two weeks ago I had the huge honor to shoot these amazing people in
their causual Kingdom Hearts- Birth by Sleep cosplays!
I'm still amazed over how great these pictures turned out, they're all so handsome!
Aqua: @yumidun @fb
Ventus: @birthbysleep @fb
Terra: @Elijah - Coscraft Engineering


onsdag 9 augusti 2017

tisdag 1 augusti 2017

The plant witch's room

Aka details in Johanna's room!

Witches in our greenhouse

Isn't it cool how we've been living with another for almost 2 weeks now?
After beeing apart for 3 years! I'm so happy to be with Johanna again!  

torsdag 13 juli 2017

Bestmen and Bridesmaids

Got the honor to be the photographer at another wedding!
I do love weddingshoots!