torsdag 14 juli 2016

Like a fairytale

Such an amazing wedding location! It was stunning! 

Elin and Henrik

This Saturday I got the honor to work as a wedding photographer for Elin and Henrik's happy day! 

söndag 3 juli 2016

fredag 1 juli 2016

fredag 24 juni 2016

Summer Nights

Summer days drifting away, To, uh oh, those summer nights!

My little summer bird

Sat and played guitar for me on a roof during sunset, after the photoshoot!

torsdag 23 juni 2016

The way we become

Julia as a little half dead summer witch.
(Also geting rather tired of the bad quality blogger has started making my pictures..)

Summer candy fluff

Julia took these pictures of me and my hair is so amazing!