måndag 14 maj 2018

Blue Barbie World

So much shoots coming up!

With flowers in my hair

So excited with all the flowers everywhere,
and to be back out and shooting videos and taking pictures again!

torsdag 5 april 2018

80´s bubblegum bitch

Pictures taken and edited by my fave Zarah!
She knows how to make me pretty! 

Episode Prompto

A couple months back I got to shoot DemDem again, this time in her absolute amazing
Episode Prompto cosplay, I was fangirling through it all!
I have such a fun time having cosplayshoots with this girl!
Follow her;
@insta @fb @twitter

onsdag 17 januari 2018

We don't talk anymore

Two amazing shots from a video we recorded before Johanna left for the holidays!
Check it, and everything else we do, out HERE 

tisdag 16 januari 2018

Cold but kind

Pictures taken by my dear Johanna Renman

Winter Portraits

Some still from tomorrows music video!
I am so happy to have my Gryffindor back to me after the holidays.
So nice to be back to working and being creactive!

Frozenz morning sun

Winter came late as usually to where I live. But it's still incredible pretty!