söndag 28 september 2014


Some stuff you could find at our exhibition!
The two top picture are from my classmate Josses
performance/ installation, the scupture is made by
Sofie and the rest are made of some of the first years! 


During this weekend there have been the yearly Harvest Festival here at the Island, and as usually
my school have had exhibitions, teathers and the best of all a Zombie run
(this is the most awesome thing ever srsly!!!)
So my class and the first year art student got each a room to have an exhibition in
and here is mine! My babe Jules have also been here the whole time! hihi

lördag 20 september 2014

Creature of the forest

Friday in the artstudio

I crashed two tables and a chair as an impulse art project and recorded it, and then I've been
busy fixing for my school's exhibition next Friday! 

torsdag 18 september 2014

onsdag 17 september 2014

måndag 8 september 2014

I lived my life inside a dream

Photo: Sofie


Spontaneous photoshoot with Sofie today!

Tree party!

So this weekend my classmates had a little tree party in the middle of the night
in a big tree on campus! I helped them out with the decorations! 

söndag 7 september 2014

lördag 6 september 2014

Summer, the gorgeous and calm season

First part of one of my photo projects its a series of pictures
which are gonna presentate the four seasons with Sofie as a model.