söndag 31 januari 2016

Blue Neighborhood - Troye Sivan


So my amazing friend Petra and her amazing band is out on a tour and had a gig here in town yesterday! So I got to have a photoshoot with them, and it was so much fun!
make sure to check them out on FB!

tisdag 26 januari 2016

Queen Skare

Some more pictures of this beautiful girl! 

Take me out in winterland

Some pictures from a beautiful walk last week! 

lördag 16 januari 2016

Ladies of the snow

Had an amazing time spent today with Matilda and her cutie of a dog Skare!
Had a cool photoshoot inspired by tribal stuff! 

måndag 11 januari 2016

But baby it's cold outside

One of the best things, listening to my babe playing guitar and watching a snowstorm
From last week when we where at the island! 

fredag 8 januari 2016

Pink and orange

New hair and pretty pictures taken by Jules! 

tisdag 5 januari 2016

Winter fell over the Island

Adventure in the snow for a few hours with my darling,
since it started snowing a lot today over the island as well!
This place is so amazing and beautiful! 

måndag 4 januari 2016

Welcome to the underworld

I guess this is the first character of 2016!  This was mostly just a shoot to try out the smoke pellets I bought I love them a lot and gonna use them A LOT! So this character became some kind of twist between Hades and a witch! Since it was a test shoot they might look a little dark and meh (or maybe its jusy my perfectionist brain speaking) 
I am still very happy with them tho! 

söndag 3 januari 2016

Adventures by the sea

 From a snowy city to a very none snowy island 

Little Darling


fredag 1 januari 2016

She comes with winter, or maybe winter comes with her.

My beautiful girlfriend as my latest, and last character of 2015, a frost Fairy/ Elf!
These pictures was taken an early morning the other day!
I hope you all had a wonderful New Years!