fredag 31 januari 2014

What do you mean i'm the wolf?

Character number five, Red Riding Hood, but an evil version of her. Maybe she's the wolf too? 
Thank you Johanna, for once again putting up with me in the cold!

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me

I've been watching Pirates of the Caribbean and playing Black Flag way to much latley. 
Not that you can get to much of pirates, but you know. Todays outfit is therefor inspired by pirates and
the make up by Calypso from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies!

torsdag 30 januari 2014

The answer was too simple, and I was too smart to see it!

Next character is Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time, cosplayed by my dear Johanna


onsdag 29 januari 2014

We are all mad here

 My beautiful friend Sofie as Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. 
The third character in my art project. 

tisdag 28 januari 2014


Three of my favorit pictures of beautiful Matilda as a Fem!Aladdin!
My art project is getting somewhere!

torsdag 23 januari 2014

I like this place and these people a lot.

Tuesday: Late night fun, up painting in the dorm corridor to make it a bit more our place.

Yesterday: suprise welcome back party for our dearly missed friend Johanna!
We where hiding in her room when she arrived!