onsdag 30 augusti 2017



Pride this saturday was amazing, and I finally got to spend time with my favourit people! 
Proud of who we all are!


tisdag 22 augusti 2017

An unbreakable connection.

Two weeks ago I had the huge honor to shoot these amazing people in
their causual Kingdom Hearts- Birth by Sleep cosplays!
I'm still amazed over how great these pictures turned out, they're all so handsome!
Aqua: @yumidun @fb
Ventus: @birthbysleep @fb
Terra: @Elijah - Coscraft Engineering


onsdag 9 augusti 2017

tisdag 1 augusti 2017

The plant witch's room

Aka details in Johanna's room!

Witches in our greenhouse

Isn't it cool how we've been living with another for almost 2 weeks now?
After beeing apart for 3 years! I'm so happy to be with Johanna again!