söndag 30 augusti 2015


So yesterday I walked in the Örebro Pride parade hand in hand with my girlfriend, we were
very happy and felt right at home! It was an amazing evening with her and meeting friends!
So excited for next year!!

torsdag 13 augusti 2015

The heart of the forest, Loved by all, Warrior of light.

Don't worry as long as you're kind to the nature they will be kind to you. 

The second character, the hero. 

One ice cold stare and your soul will be lost

 within the deepest part of her land

Touched by darkness, Queen of lost souls, Enemy of light.

Don't wander her grounds without permission if you value your soul.

So today I spent a lovley day in the forest with amazing people! 
And I got to have a photoshoot with Petra as a few new characters which was 
a lot of fun! I ended up spray painting my old antlers I did over a year ago black!
So here's a new character of mine, a villain. 

tisdag 11 augusti 2015

Color Me Rad!

So this event was so cool and total heaven for a photographer! Ran around squealing in excitment!

söndag 2 augusti 2015


Okej, så detta inlägg blir på svenska för jag säljer mina handgjorda Flowercrowns!
 Pink Pearl Princess 90kr
 Red Queen 90kr
 In The Rose Garden 95kr Såld!
 Rosey Wonder 80kr Såld!
Sunset 75kr Såld!
 Autumn Colours 75kr
 Midsummer Night 80kr

Blue and Pink Dream 75kr
Alla kransarna har ett enkelt band som knyts där bak så att man lätt kan anpassa efter sitt huvud!
Man kan bära dem både som kransar och kronor!