tisdag 26 augusti 2014

Human Nature

Two pictures from one of my new art projects I'm working on.
It's gonna be a series of three pictures with my friend Maria as a model! 

måndag 25 augusti 2014

Painting on the wall

It's really amazing to have your own art stufio, mostly because you can do whatever you want to the walls!

fredag 22 augusti 2014


Bunny Bun

Hello People

Sorry for being dead for a while! I've just moved back to school and started my second year as an art student! I live in an awesome little villa on campus together with four of my friends! It's awesome and I love it! I have also gotten my own little art studio which I am gonna upload pictures off as soon as it's done! 

torsdag 14 augusti 2014

fredag 8 augusti 2014

onsdag 6 augusti 2014

A rainy day

Today it's been a bit cold and rainy on the island. But that just made me happy because I could finally wear
clothes I like without dying in the heat! 

måndag 4 augusti 2014

Rainstorm in the city

Some pivtures I really like from a few days ago when we where still in the city and it was thundersto

söndag 3 augusti 2014

Matching much?

 Now I am back at Öland with my family and today I've spent my day outside reading! 

lördag 2 augusti 2014

Adventure in Gothenburg

My outfit from the second day, taken by Julia! 

Under the sea at Universeum

Gosh I am so glad Julia took me to Universeum in Gothenburg, it was sooo coool, I was fangirling like crazy when we entered the Shark tunnel, because they are my favourite animal ever like yes please.
They where a little to fast to take pictures of . I also died when we entered the dinosaure museeum thingy
because dinosaurs I love dinosaurs.What more can I say. THANKS JULES. 

A trip to Gothenburg!

Freaking out in the Science Fiction bookstore!
Have spent some wonderful days in Gothenburg together with my girl Julia! We've had an amazing time!