lördag 27 juli 2013

torsdag 25 juli 2013

söndag 21 juli 2013

Light and flowers

Attack on Titan.

New obsession, this song and this anime. Gosh I haven't watched a new anime in like a year. 

Night is my favourite time.

onsdag 17 juli 2013

Super Girl.

New favourit shirt. 

söndag 14 juli 2013

Thank you, Cory Monteith, for all you’ve inspired us to do

Rest in peace, you beautiful human, we'll always love you.  

måndag 8 juli 2013

Little Kittens

Say hello to Pippin.

Me and mom went to visit the neighbours new kittens and I accidently took one with me home.
I'm borrowing him for a few days. My cat is not happy.