måndag 10 november 2014

Guardian of the Forest

So this is a shoot I've been wanting to have for a very long time, and now finally it's done!
I am of course gonna use this costume some more for another shoot, so it's not
the last you'll see of it! So, this creature i've created is my verition of Mother Earth,
or one of her guardians, I'll let you decide that one.
This creature was from the beginning a beautiful colourful one, but after the humans
came and took over the nature and made it into what it is today, the creature
has slowly started to rot and become less and less a wonder of the nature
and is now more of a ghoul trying to protect the little thats left of the forests.

This photoshoot was sooo fun! 
HUGE thanks to Sofie for being a modell, again..  

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