lördag 27 juni 2015


So these are the three art videos that I showed at the exhibition in the art museum of Kalmar!
Since the exhibition has been down now for a few weeks I can finally show it to you guys!
The videos are suppose to calm your anxiety and stress and give you a kind of brain massage (know that this does not work for everyone!) I got inspired by the ASMR videos on youtube and wanted to try it in my own style and decided to work with different philes. Phile means in latin (and greek: Philia) something that you are emotionally attracted to, so I have been working with different things that can mean a lot for the right person! I myself is a pluviophile and nothing makes me as calm as the sound of rain and thunder! I am not done with this project yet and there will be more of these videos coming now and then! Hope you enjoy!

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